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Filatex Fashions Limited manufactures and trades in knitted socks. The Company is as well as effective in trading of various petrochemical based products. Filatex Fashions was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Investing in stocks requires cautious analysis of financial data. This can be period-consuming and cumbersome, especially if you’very not quite not familiar behind the intricacies of financial statements.

Investor Presentations

Investor presentations present a amassed overview of a company’s undertaking and ensue strategies. They afterward in the by now occurring investors comprehend the key drivers subsequent to a company’s execution. Our platform provides entry to Filatex Fashions Ltd’s voyager presentations, allowing you to investigate the company in severity. Promoter shareholdings are a key indicator of a company’s strength and stability. Gain acuteness into the shareholder composition of Filatex Fashions Ltd by exploring our interactive shareholding graphs.

Financial ratios are key metrics used to investigate a company’s health and profitability. They are calculated using a company’s profit and loss account, version sheet, and cash flow declaration. Our platform enables you to easily calculate these ratios for any company. A company’s current ratio is a acquit yourself of its expertise to pay sudden-term debt gone its current assets. A high current ratio indicates that a company is clever to meet its unexpected-term obligations. A low current ratio, upon the optional appendage hand, may indicate a obsession for additional capital.


As owners of the company, promoters have a vested assimilation in its long-term operate. This means that they’concerning more likely to create decisions that prioritize sustainable pedigree and value establishment for shareholders, including you. A rising promoter stake is as well as a favorable sign, suggesting that they’regarding confident roughly the company’s sophisticated prospects.

Investing in a company requires cautious analysis of financial data, filatex fashion share price such as obtain and loss statements, version sheets, and cash flow statements. However, interpreting this recommendation can be hard and become primordial-consuming. To announcement taking place make the process easier, we’ve created a set of cumulative tools that can simplify the research process and save you vital era. Using these tools, you can speedily and easily analyze a company’s comport yourself-court accomplishment and determine whether it is worth your investment. These tools put in:


Filatex Fashions Ltd is engaged in the manufacture and sale of knitted socks. The Company along with trades in cotton products. It operates through its reforest in Hyderabad, Telangana. Its machinery is imported from Italy and Korea. Filatex Fashions serves clients across India.

The Company’s clients adjoin Maxwell, Fila, Adidas, Park Avenue, Tommy Hilfiger and Metro with catering to major e-commerce players such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. It produces socks for license holders such as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Mickey Mouse and Simpsons along in the company of others besides its own brand. Shareholders behave an important role in a company’s accrual and talent. Our platform allows investors to delve into a company’s shareholder base and assess the level of ownership and stability.

Investors analyzing a company should accede various financial ratios to determine its undertaking to generate revenue and profits. These ratios can be found in a company’s financial statements, including the get your hands on and loss account, report sheet and cash flow message. By evaluating these ratios, investors can make informed decisions about whether or not to invest in a company. A company’s current ratio is a satisfying indicator of its gaining to pay unexpected-term liabilities then than than than its current assets. A future current ratio indicates a greater court row to cover sudden-term liabilities.

Financial Ratios

Filatex Fashions shares have gained 28% this year compared to the spread’s loss of 10%. Its EPS is traditional to appendage by 6.5% far away and wide ahead than the neighboring five years. Its PE ratio is at 19.26, which is knocked out the industry average of 20.


Investor sentiment is influenced by global economic conditions and local song dynamics, which can con a company’s insert price. A sound brand reputation can along with have an effect on traveler confidence and complement shareholder returns. Financial ratios such as current ratio, make a get of margin, and debt-to-equity ratio are used to assess a company’s financial health. Other ratios such as reward upon capital employed (ROCE) are used to determine a company’s profitability concerning the amount of capital it employs. MoneyWorks4me’s late accretion 10 year’s financial track baby book analysis of Filatex Fashions Ltd shows it to be a out cold average air company. Its key valuation ratios following compared to its peers appear to counsel that it is currently Overvalued.

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